The basics

S said i can be whatever i want to in the next six months.  “A philandering nympho?” I asked.  

“I’d like to see you find the time”

So. it’s four more days of work left for me.  I  just arrived home from a week in an amazing French Villa with all my friends and I’m starting to think about the reality of the next 6 months.  This post will become some kind of to-do list (or shameful list of things i never do) – i expect i’ll refer back to it a lot.

S has been taking me through the basics – the weekly shopping list and the meals we eat.  Nap times, and eating routines.  I hope she’s taking the piss, because I know all this stuff already, but it helps me prepare anyway.

I’ve been thinking about how I want to spend my time.  The point of taking 6 months off work is obviously to make sure the baby gets taken care of but i have always seen it as more than that.  I originally had big ideas – write the novel, start my own business etc – all those things you never get chance to do while hammering the 9-5. But I know my time will not be my own and  reality has set in.

So my plans are:

1) Do something creative with the baby every day – tell a story, paint a picture – and record it.

2) Play her an album a day

3) Keep shit tidy

4) Play a lot of guitar (this new toy will help…)

5) Make costumes for the baby (I do this a lot already)

6) Learn the piano (ok, ok…)

7) Write this blog…


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