I’m nauseaus with nerves

Last day of work and everyone seems very excited for me, lots of people coming to the pub to see me off.   But I’m nauseaus with nerves (or maybe excitement) and don;t really know how to feel.

Leaving work is definitely a bigger, more real deal than the prospect of looking after the baby full time.  For today at least.  I should post some background on how I got to be in a position to have 6 months off – its essentially because a) my wife is awesome and progressive about male-female roles, and b) because last year, the law changed, meaning that dad’s can be paid Statutiry Maternity pay, and parents can now choose to split the maternity leave between them.

It’s explained on directgov, here and some extra details on mumsnet.  Almost without exception, people who I’ve spoken to about this tend to see the change in the law  as a good, progressive thing (although maybe they are just being nice to my face…) but some people have had interesting and unexpected reactions.  They deserve a longer dedicated post (which I’m thinking about now) .   But I have to go and pack my desk up.

Can’t really believe this day is here – I’m so nervous I can’t eat.


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