She fell asleep listening to Hendrix. #youarenotmydaughter, #paternitytestnow!

If it weren’t for music, I’d be less close to a lot of my best friends – we’d have missed out on some un-recreatable shared experiences, some fundamental connections.

If it weren’t for music, our daughter would have another name.

One of the things I’ve always known about myself is that when I have kids, I want to introduce them to music they will love for their whole life.  Ok so my motivation is partly selfish.  I realised i enjoyed music for myself when I was about 12, and inflicted  Longview and the Tonight Tonight on my parents over and over for weeks.  Ada will be 12 in 2024, and I want to avoid having to listen to whatever nightmarish pop is around then.

Music kinda goes in circles so here’s how I see it going:  Today it’s basically the 80s again, which means nu-grunge must be on the way soon, tempered by some light dancehall reggae (Shabba!).  That’ll probably last about 4-5 years (hopefully not culminating in another Nickelback), at which point we’ll have the 90’s version of the 60’s rehashed (in my head, it’s 2018 and Ada is telling me that her favourite band was influenced by this cool older outfit called Oasis, who eventually called it a day on their 7th reunion tour when one of the brothers totally forgot how to distinguish between any of their songs).  So by 2024, maybe we’ll be back to early 2000’s revival rock stuff – The Strokes, White Stripes, but rehashed with jetpants or something.  Actually, that sounds pretty good! McCartney will definitely be dead by then and Gary Barlow will have taken up the opening-ceremony go-to-guy mantle.  Lady Gaga will follow in Madonna’s footsteps, possibly after inventing her own religion.  Cliff Richard’s severed head will defrost once a year on Centre Court and sing Summer Holiday.

I digress, but the point is, whatever music she ends up liking, I think a love of music is a good gift to pass on.  I hope she finds a song she loves forever.  I hope there is an album that makes her sit next to her best friends, and just smile.  I hope she seeks out that feeling of transcendence that only a great gig can create, when nothing else but that sound matters, when she just somehow knows that there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be.

Also, I never want a “you kids back there know Grand Funk, right?” moment…

She seems to like sounds and music – she definitely reacts to it, so I’m trying to play her things that might make her react in different ways.  Sufjan Stevens seemed to make her calm and focused yesterday.  Today, she fell asleep listening to Hendrix.  She’ll dance when I play guitar and stares at us grinning if we sing.  Some classic rock tomorrow, I think…


One thought on “She fell asleep listening to Hendrix. #youarenotmydaughter, #paternitytestnow!

  1. i like this blog. keep writing john. one way to improve it though… post some pictures pleeeeease!!!

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