An angry little potato

Tired?  yep!  I am definitely more tired today than I have been since the first few weeks after Ada was born.  I think  a lot of it is a mark of the change, rather that any real significant change in sleep patterns or activity.  Maybe the most significant change to my lifestyle will end up being to do with fitness and exercise, and the fact that I’ve suddenly stopped cycling 50km a week to work and back.

I mean, what if I get fat?

Finding time to exercise needs to be a priority – it will stop me being so tired; I was in bed at 3pm today.  Of course, I couldn’t sleep because Ada was being an angry little potato.  Say what you will about a life of leisure, there is nothing easy about trying to have a mid afternoon snooze in the same bed as a screaming baby…

I wish I’d videoed her reaction to the intro to Hells Bells by AC/DC too – confusion giving way to acceptance.  Sort of like my week.


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