To-do list: 1) Write list…

Turns out I’m terrible at to-do lists.

They were supposed to be my sanctuary, my crutch to get me through the next 6 months. The plan was to stay focused and organised and to be fair I did get off to a good start, it was all ticks and smiley faces.

But today I wrote go shopping, make tea, get petrol.

How is writing lists of the basic things I need to do to not die supposed to help me be productive?

1) Write and record brilliant album
2) Create memorable homemade toys
3) Write novel
4) Patent the Nicotine Tampon
5) Teach daughter everything I ever learned

Or something…

What the fuck should I be doing anyway?

Anyway, I spent the day making a little wooden push-along cart ti help Ada learn to walk, and got totally in the zone (pics soon). Also managed not to hurt myself under the Toolrack of Death.


Amy Winehouse was born on this day so Ada had a lesson in contemporary jazz and not dying prematurely in sad circumstances.

Tomorrow I bike 100km for no discernable reason.


One thought on “To-do list: 1) Write list…

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