Women – what is it about men with babies?

Babies and women – this might be a reccuring subject.

Its been a running joke amongst my male friends that being a stay at home dad is a sure fire way to meet women (not that I’m in need of one…) Everytime they see me looking exhausted they blame all the womanising I’m currently doing, rather than the 3am feeds.

I thought it would just be a cliche but blokes with babies are clearly still enough of a novelty to be intriguing to the opposite sex (it helps if you’re also covered in tattoos and on X-Factor). Although, at first its just a novelty for everyone – walking around with a newborn baby gets you guaranteed attention everywhere.  I found it addictive, but the majority of interactions are just people being curious or being bowled over by the cuteness.

But a few times I noticed women using the baby as a convenient introduction. My favorite example was outside a London pub when a clearly rich, suave older Italian woman approached, with her young (maybe 2yr old)  Italian-speaking son who asked a few simple questions about Ada in italian, which she translated. The little boy asked, according to his mum, what Ada’s name was, whether he could have a look at her, and then apparently, asked whether the baby’s mum was too!

As Ada had got older the general interest had died down but there is a the hardcore of women who show  a lot of attention and it’s obviously not directed at the baby (disclaimer: I have NEVER been the kind of man who attracts the interest of female strangers in public)


But right now I’m in a popular high street coffee bar (ok, it’s Costa, I’m not the BBC…) and I’m sure at least one woman is flirting with me.  A mum with a small boy are sat on the next table and the boy is looking at Ada (who is asleep) and waving, pointing etc so that means instant smiles etc between me and the mum. Now this is just a parent thing, a mutual understanding.  But now, others have noticed the interaction.  Another woman, on her own, just moved over and sat at my table, smiled, keeps looking over (Sarah – if you’re reading this, don’t worry, I’m doing my best to ignore her). I’m terrible at starting conversations with strangers but this is a novel experience.

Also, just as an aside, probably 80 percent if the people in here are female, and that seems pretty constant wherever I go in the daytime. That’s interesting in itself I think. I don’t understand the attraction of men with babies.  I know a cool car makes a cool guy seem that much cooler – but babies?  It really baffles me.  Can anyone enlighten me?

Anyway the little boy ands his mum are leaving now so I’m just going to go get her number… 😉


One thought on “Women – what is it about men with babies?

  1. Lol! I wish I could give you an answer but I can’t. Maybe I’ll say it’s different and maybe sexy about men with babies and of course they aren’t as rampant as women with babies. 🙂

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