Going to work

I have to go to work today to discuss my eventual return, among other things.  I’m excited, surprisingly.  Being off has been great but work seems tempting too sometimes. I think because at work, I am given things to do and I dont have to choose what to think about.

Finding ways to keep myself entertained every day for 6 months is not as simple as you might think. On the one hand its all relaxing coffee mornings and walks, but on the other hand, it’s just relaxing coffee mornings and walks, you know? Stimulation comes in some forms – conversation, small logistical challenges etc- but i am rarely confronted with anything unexpected or that requires any real thought. I like having freedom to decide what to do but the list is fairly short once you factor in the baby.

Its grass is always greener syndrome- work has its many drawbacks too and of course I will miss this freedom once it has gone. I guess the important thing is to appreciate that the grass is green.

So I have about two months left before I return. I’m starting to feel that quite keenly and the urge to do something productive is growing again, I feel like I’ve been coasting too much recently.


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