Making a toy-carrying push cart thing (this is what Dads should do, right?)

I guess in many ways I am quite old-fashioned. I take pride in making stupid things.  I’ve made shit things at great expense when cheaper, safer versions are freely available in nearby shops.

“Waiting for Ada – 12-03-2033”

For example, I made a little time capsule box out of balsa wood when Ada was born – cost about £50 to buy the supplies, and to be honest, It’s not sturdy enough for all the stuff we’ve stuffed in it.  But I made it, and maybe that will be important to her one day.

The latest thing I’ve built is this wooden toy cart.  Its a death trap, quite frankly.  The wheels are wonky, there are a few rough edges, and the paint i’ve used is almost certainly laced with lead.  But I made it.

And she likes it – that’s important to me.

I didn;t stage this honest